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Comparing our two wonderful breeds -- Maine Coons and RagaMuffins -- from the hearts of their adoring parents: 

A description of Maine Coons and RagaMuffins may sound much the same -- but, to know them, they are distinctly different. In a nutshell, Maine Coons are very much like really well-behaved teenagers with ADHD (I can say that because I had one - very loving, very entertaining, very energetic, very smart, and very easily distracted!). They grow so quickly and aren't afraid to make mistakes, so they plunge into everything with confidence and without hesitation. No matter how many times they fall off or slip down or don't quite make it, they have no regrets and will try again and again! Muffins are like having a warm cookie as a pet. They purr and snuggle, they play and have fun, but then they roll over on their backs, so you know a belly rub and couch time is always waiting. They love to have you talk to them and will follow you around, showing you every cozy, soft place in the room where you might want to come and snuggle for a few minutes (or hours) instead of wasting your time with laundry or computer work! Neither of the breeds is overly needy or too demanding, but they are always in your routine -- not hiding or avoiding anything, except maybe the vacuum cleaner! I could never decide between either, never can think of one being better than the other, but they clearly have families they fit purrfectly!