1. Keep It Simple

    Many families keeping us updated on how fabulous their kittens are growing up also have some general maintenance questions once they see their kitten transitions out of the initial kitten phase.  Nail trimming should continue as needed to keep nails safely comfortable for carpeting & climbing. …Read More

  2. Summer fun is right around the corner!

    April showers brought us kittens! We are so proud of our newest Queens as well as our very reliable experienced Ladies who have been so accommodating with our need to nurse, clean and give loveys to some kittens born in crisis situations. Sabrina and Anya both underwent c sections for their kittens.…Read More

  3. Could Life Be Any Sweeter?

    Samantha is our newest Queen! She's doing fabulous with her little Princes and Princesses!  Everyone is enjoying their time together and growing quickly...these little sweethearts were purring on their very first day in the world!…Read More

  4. Empty Nest

    He's getting too much love for one kitten!  Good thing we have two Muffins still with us and of course Anastasia's new wee ones!  Oksana is due this week for her first litter which is so fun and scary... She has her Momma, Big Oksana and her Sister.. Nadia..with her settled in our Beach bedroom de…Read More

  5. Baby its Cold Outside!

    So sweet! This baby girl is napping on a pet heat pad placed under her blankets with the cord covered by a chew proof cover.  Families with kittens coming home, please be sure to keep your baby warm! Bring a blanket large enough to cover your carrier completely for transfer to your car and into you…Read More

  6. Purrparing… for Kittens!

    It's almost time! Kittens will be going home to their furrever families very soon!  Monday is our spay/neuter & vaccinations for those due. Kittens will come home & back to Mommas for extra TLC while they recover.  Just a reminder to families to place orders & get stocked up on kitten …Read More