So sweet! This baby girl is napping on a pet heat pad placed under her blankets with the cord covered by a chew proof cover.  Families with kittens coming home, please be sure to keep your baby warm! Bring a blanket large enough to cover your carrier completely for transfer to your car and into your home.  During your ride home please keep your car warm…too warm for your comfort with winter coats on.  Kitten homecoming is good stress, meeting their new family and home environment as well as any new furry family…all really good stress, but its still stress and will deplete your kittens immune system for a bit.  Also, Maine Coon families…your kittens have just been  neutered as well as received a vaccination so their bodies are going to be responding to that vaccination by building antibodies for approximately two weeks. Muffin families, your kittens are between vaccinations but still have just undergone their neutering.  Keep in mind once home, they need a very warm cozy spot or at least the option for it. Putting a heating pad partially under a blanket or close to a floor heat vent will give your kitten the option to snuggle there as needed.  I have a bathmat, because its slip resistant, partially under my bed with the heat pad on it so kittens can be close, under the bed if they want and very warm.  They love it! FYI, our adults often choose to snooze on the heat pads still too! You and your kitten are very purrecious to us.  We want you both happy and healthy!