It’s almost time! Kittens will be going home to their furrever families very soon!  Monday is our spay/neuter & vaccinations for those due. Kittens will come home & back to Mommas for extra TLC while they recover.  Just a reminder to families to place orders & get stocked up on kitten food so its ready & waiting when your kitten comes home.  We highly recommend continuing with the diet regimen we’ve previously discussed with you for at least the first few months while your kitten transitions to your home and family.  Every family has their own comfort level with feeding so please just remember its very important to continue on a “Kitten” specific diet, for the first entire year of age, no matter what form you may ultimately decide to feed. Keep your kitten in close proximity to food, water, litter and a safe & secure place to sleep…preferably rooming in with a family member especially night time. These kittens are used to going room to room for play, food and litter so once they acclimate to your home they will have no trouble managing your families entire living area. We look forward to hearing and seeing the fabulous adventures your kitten and your family have together!