Eric and I want to send love, health and happiness to all our kitten families and followers but above all appreciation for the dedication these families have shown towards their kitten(s).  We can’t tell you how much it means to us that you take the time to include us in your building family memories! We’ve been blessed to see two of our very loved Muffin Momma’s move into retirement and loving homes in 2018 flourishing in a way we could have only dreamed possible.  Another change was merging our Sweetlilpaws RagaMuffins website with our Elysian Maine Coons website this year.  With a lot of help and patience from the Kelly kitten family…we’rehappy with how the merged website is working, hoping it helps families find us faster and navigate to the kittens easier. I know….update, update and umm, update. Onward into 2019 with YES, more kittens on the way and more wonderful families to bring with us!