April showers brought us kittens! We are so proud of our newest Queens as well as our very reliable experienced Ladies who have been so accommodating with our need to nurse, clean and give loveys to some kittens born in crisis situations. Sabrina and Anya both underwent c sections for their kittens.  Mom’s are doing great, spayed & will soon be enjoying the life of retired royalty! Kittens became part of our great big family of Moms helping Moms.  Another concerning event….our success with feeding raw has come to an abrupt halt after our first time Mom, Stephania, suffered Salmonella poisoning just before delivering her kittens.  It was rough.  Eric tossed himself right into all her care while I was still away for work.  So much so he also contracted Salmonella. Big thanks to Caring for Cats in Greece, NY… for being so supportive, knowledgable and available for each and every crisis.  Our Moms and kittens are home with us, safe and sound as a result of their dedication! So now lets start making kitten choices!!! If your on our waiting list, watch for messages!!