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Homemade Kitten/Cat Food Sweetlilpaws/Elysian Maine Coon Version

Sharing our homemade version of kitty food everyone seems to be loving!

We start with a nice big juicy meaty bone, full chicken or fish with all the parts...let it simmer in the largest pot of water for the day. Remove bones when it looks like everything is falling apart. Organ meat is nice too if you have access to those. 

Using fresh veggies ie kale, chard, spinach, greens of most any kind...green beans, beets, cauliflower, peas...let everything  cook down.  Seasonally available squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are a nice switch up too! Immersion blender everything to a somewhat pate consistency.  You can add rice right to the pot if you'd like to thicken things up some too. All those veggies don't have to go in together either btw.  Pick and choose whatever looks good to you will taste good to your baby cats!

We turn the heat down at this point so the pot can cool a bit.  Once cooled sufficiently, increase the protein and add a nice bit of added flavor by beating fresh eggs in a separate bowl then adding to the cooled soup. Immersion blender again for a bit while turning the heat to medium to get those eggs cooked while staying nice and smooth.  

We like to add a nice little vitamin and mineral supplement toward the end.  Kitten Bloom is one we love and have used for years...wonderful family based company with great customer service! If you should ever decide to only feed the homemade version you will need to be much more conscious of the balance of essential vitamins and minerals your kitty will absolutely require to support their growth and development. Kitten Bloom, as well as other Feline nutritional supplement suppliers, have those ratios available on their products.

Soup doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, kittens and adults like some of the chunky stuff too!  Please be sure to never add onions or garlics, toxic to kitties! I store in quart mason jars & store in the fridge and freezer just like you store your own homemade soup!  Heat a bit before serving and watch your baby cats enjoy their homemade warm meal!