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Your Maine Coon kitten will grow to be a large, muscular cat with a long, smooth coat of varied lengths, a prominent ruff on the chest and a long, bushy tail. Maine Coons have large, well-tufted paws and large, well-furnished ears with lynx tips. Females are generally smaller than males, averaging 10-15 pounds. Males average 15-25 pounds. Maine Coons develop slowly and don't fully mature until they are about 4 to 5 years old. 

The Maine Coon is relaxed, easygoing and known as the "gentle giant" of cats for its friendly disposition toward just about anyone or anything, including children and other pets. They are intelligent, trainable and often described as "dog-like." They love to fetch and play and often retain their kitten playfulness and "goofiness" throughout their lives. Many Maine Coons have a fondness for water, so don't be surprised if yours loves to watch it, play with it or even go all in!

While they are not overly dependent, Maine Coons are people-oriented and often like to stay close by -- following you, curious about what you're doing -- and you may find your Maine Coon outside a closed door, waiting for you to come out. They often converse with their owners, but rather than a typical cat "meow," they are known to chirp, trill and make other interesting sounds.



Our Maine Coons are members of our family. We are committed to raising healthy kittens of breed standard with lovable and affectionate personalities. At Elysian Maine Coons, our top priority is the health and happiness of our cats. Our Maine Coon parents have been cleared for HCM, PKD and SMA, as well as FeLV and FIV. To date, all evaluations for cardiac issues and hip dysplasia have been negative.

Please contact me at (585) 259-3930 or at Sweetlilpaws@yahoo.com for more information. Frequent photos can also be found on our social media pages, so please use those links at the top and bottom of our pages to see very recent kitten and kitty family pictures!