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Many families keeping us updated on how fabulous their kittens are growing up also have some general maintenance questions once they see their kitten transition out of the initial kitten phase. Nail trimming should continue as needed to keep nails safely comfortable for carpeting and climbing. Kittens and adults will never outgrow the need to scratch to remove the outer sheath of the nail. It feels good to them and is a form of relaxing, as well as reaffirming their scent on appropriate kitty items! We like to keep newborn nail clippers in easy-to-reach areas of the house where we sit often with kittens so that nail trimming can become an easy and enjoyable part of family time. Unlike pups, kitty nails retract when not in full use, so it can be surprising how much they’ve grown. Pressing gently on the paw pad and just below the nail bed will help that kitty nail to extend. There is no reason to try to get the nail as short as safely possible … a nice little trim off of the tip or a tad more is fine! Polydactyl kittens will need a little extra attention to those putty paws … specifically, your lucky extra toes! Those nails have no surface opposing them and should be checked for a little extra trimming to avoid the nail reaching the paw pad! Remember to keep paw-touching in your safe and happy playtime to keep your kitten from developing any aversions or oversensitivity to those areas! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need any helpful suggestions for nails or any other health or safety issues!