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Hi Everyone! I'd really love to use this spot to share some fun updates and let those interested know what we're doing with the baby cats 🐾, so here we go!

Last year was such a big year for everyone, including us. We made some very big changes to our home and to our breeding plans. We are misty in the eyes knowing we will no longer have our Sweetlilpaws RagaMuffins to share our home with. They were all lovingly retired into a wonderful family who actually have more than a few of our baby cats of both breeds! Knowing they are all home being loved as we have loved them does our hearts so much good. We love them and have enjoyed every fluffy face we were blessed with. I scroll my photo gallery and just can't believe the time and amazing kittens and kitties that have been such an wonderful part of our lives. It fills our hearts to know those kitties are with their families and making the world a better place!

As for those Maine Coon rascals - they have the house, and they know it! We had a bit of a surprise late last Summer when we added our newest sire, Blue Paw Toshi. We adopted him as a kitten - we love to do that, too!!! Just lovvvvve baby cats! He had a wonderful transition to our home and the girls. He was playful and silly from the minute he came home. He has always been very social and, fortunately, has grown into one of the sweetest and kindest Sires we have ever seen. That big blue and white frame topped off with that sweet pink nose! And does that boy know how to make kittens - the ladies love him! 🥰 (Don't let Gustav know, he gets his whiskers in a bunch when Toshi's getting all the girls' attention.) 

As many of our families know, we worked a bit to retire Athena, Hera and Zhivago, all due to the polydactyl trait they were so heavy with. The trait is usually adorable, but it can sometimes get to be a nuisance being that it is a mutation. There is no way to know just how much of a mutation there will be on any kitten's paw. Although Toshi doesn't look too polydactyl, he has the smallest nub, which must be all he needs to keep those extra toes going. We are letting him breed, keeping our paws crossed for straight-pawed females. He is planned for a very early retirement and has already been reserved! Also, we are starting the reservation process for these Spring litters! Fun, fun, fun - they'll be joining families in mid-July. 

Solana is a massive girl, daughter of Helios - she's huge - breeding this week with Gustav. Her Momma, Lindsay, was about 2 or 2 1/2 years old before she finally had babies. She had them when she was ready, and that's just fine! We can wait as long as Solana needs or, if she decides it's not going to happen, she'll be a great big arm full of love for a very lucky family!

It's looking pretty promising for Gaia (new Mom) and Harmony to be expecting in late June. We let Matilda breed this week with Titan -- get ready for some firecracker kittens!!! Also, Gemini and Larkspur are breeding with Toshi for their first-time kittens. 

Sending so much love to all our families who adopted retirees and kittens this past year, as well as in previous years.💕 We have such a special place in our hearts for our kitty families, and these past years with so many families coming back for a second or third kitten or a Mommy/Daddy have been so rewarding for us! 

Bye for now...